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Precision Garage Door Openers of Miami, FL

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Serving The Entire Miami-Dade County

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Precision Garage Door Openers of Miami

Serving the Miami-Dade County & The Keys

We install and repair most garage door opener makes and models! If you need an opener installed or a garage door opener repaired throughout Miami & the Keys, give Precision a call today. Our professionally trained technicians are happy to help you choose the perfect model for your needs that also fits within your budget.

Please read on to learn about the styles and convenient features available now on some of the best garage door openers you can buy. Whether you need smart features, energy-saving openers, or battery backup options, we have openers that will suit your needs.

Liftmaster Opener

Which Type of Garage Door Opener Is Best for You?

There Are 4 Main Types of Openers

Chain Driven Openers

Chain drives are typically the most commonly used and are a very reliable type of opener. This drive runs the garage door on its track by using a metal chain. Chain drives are slightly cheaper than belt drives.

However, chain drive openers tend to be noisy, so if your garage is located below or adjacent to the main rooms in your home, you don't want this opener. We typically don't recommend these types of openers because the small savings aren’t worth it. LiftMaster® also does not warranty the chain for life like it does the belt on the belt drives and the motor is much noisier.

Screw Driven Openers

Screw drive openers use a lifting device that runs on a threaded steel rod, rather than a chain or a rubber belt. These openers tend to only work well in locations where the weather and temperature is constant throughout the year. In areas with a wide range of temperature or weather patterns throughout the year, a screw drive opener is not recommended.

They also are the slowest moving and noisiest of all three openers, but are the least expensive. If you didn’t like how noisy or slow your current opener was, you won’t enjoy having a screw driven opener in your garage. Check out our video showing you the differences between openers below.

Belt Driven Openers

Belt drives are regarded in the garage door industry as the best type of opener. Not only are belt drives as reliable as chain drives, they are also virtually silent. This drive runs on a steel-reinforced belt and typically costs a few dollars more than chain & screw drive openers.

If your garage is attached to your home and has surrounding bedrooms, you'll never be bothered by the noise of your garage door if you get a belt driven opener installed. Many customers end up extremely satisfied with their purchase of a belt drive opener, and can’t ever imagine going back to the noise of a chain opener.

Jackshaft Openers

Instead of the opener mounted in the center of your garage ceiling, the jackshaft is mounted on the wall next to your garage door and attached to the torsion spring above the door. When would you want a jackshaft? When you have high ceilings in your garage or just want to free up some ceiling space. The cost is slightly higher than a ceiling mounted opener.

Liftmaster Jackshaft 8500 Opener

Proper Garage Door Opener Installation

What Is The Best Garage Door Opener?

Watch this video and you'll get to listen and learn which is the right type of opener for you?

Proper Garage Door Opener Installation

Watch this video and ensure your garage door opener is installed properly.

Recommended Garage Door Openers For New Installation

87504W - Secure View DC LED Battery Backup Belt Drive Wi-Fi with Integrated Camera

LiftMaster’s most advanced garage door opener ever.

87504 Opener


  • Get alerts & control your opener from anywhere with built-in Wi-Fi & myQ technology
  • Access your garage even when the power is out with Battery Backup
  • 360º LED lighting increases visibility in your garage
  • Integrated camera manually adjusts 360º allowing you to see the entire garage
  • HD quality video begins recording when motion is detected
  • Mic allows for 2-way audio communication
  • Features belt drive system and DC motor for whisper-quiet operation

8500W - DC Battery Backup Wi-Fi Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

Designed to optimize space with wall mount location.

8500W Opener


  • Get alerts & control your opener from anywhere with built-in Wi-Fi & myQ technology
  • Access your garage even when the power is out with Battery Backup
  • Automatic Garage Door Lock keeps the garage secure
  • Wall-mount design & DC motor eliminate noise & vibrations for a silent system
  • Warranty: Lifetime motor, 5 year parts, 1 year battery and accessories

GENIE 2128

Genie 2128


  • Integrated Aladdin Connect technology allows you to control your garage door from anywhere.
  • Connect your door to your car with HomeLink or Car2U technology.
  • DC motor allows for soft open and close door operation.
  • Chain or belt drive available based on your preference.
  • Intellicode Access Security Systems prevents hacking by selecting a new code each time the opener operates.

PDS 800® DC Powered Garage Door Operator

PDS 800 Opener


  • Variable speed operation delivers ultra-smooth, quiet performance, increasing long-term reliability.
  • If the obstacle-sensing beam is crossed when the door is closing, the door reverses to fully open.
  • Warranty: lifetime warranty on the motor and the belt and the labor.
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